Riding skirt Kaori - SHORT

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Kaori is a Japanese name meaning aroma, perfume - for me the scent of meadow flowers, which this skirt is full of :)

If there's one thing I've missed in riding, it's skirts. Yes, there are skirts in horse riding, but often in the Baroque style, etc. and you need to match them overall, otherwise it's more of an embarrassment than a beauty - from my point of view 😁
However, I wanted the skirt to be a normal and pleasant part.
For me, the skirt is a SYMBOL of feminine energy - delicacy, elegance, sensitivity and intuition. For me, wearing a skirt is always an expression that I can be myself.
It is important for a riding skirt that it fits well, is pleasant, comfortable and, above all, does not get in the way.
Our skirts can be comfortably put on riding pants and after riding it is possible to wear the skirt without pants or with leggings depending on the needs and the weather.

We tailor skirts.
Please include 2 dimensions (without additions) in the order notes:
1. waist circumference
2. length from waist to knees

Ideally, measure with a tape measure, if you don't have one, you can use a string and measure yourself with any tape measure.

In case of questions, contact me by email:

The skirt can be ordered with: halter top, waist bag, treat bag, bracelet, halter, reins and more - match your horse :)